Python Strings

  • How to Create a Python String?
  • Understanding String Immutability
  • Python Strings Indexing
  • Negative Indices
  • Understanding String Length
  • Python String Slicing to Extract Substrings
  • Understanding String Concatenation
  • Exploring String Repetition
  • Mixing Concatenation and Repetition

Python List

  • Python List syntax
  • What is list() function in Python?
  • How to create Python list?
  • I. Accessing List Elements
  • II. Modifying List Elements
  • III. Adding Elements to the End - using append()
  • IV. Inserting Elements at a Specific Position
  • Sorting Python List Elements
  • I. Sorting a List in Ascending Order
  • II. Sorting a List in Descending Order

Python List clear() Method

  • Python List clear() Syntax and Parameters
  • Why Clearing a List is Important?
  • How do you clear a list in Python?
  • I. Clearing a List with clear()
  • II. Clearing a List Using Slicing
  • III. Clearing a List with List Comprehension
  • IV. Clearing a List of Nested Lists
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid with the clear() Method
  • I. Incorrect Syntax
  • II. Forgetting to Assign the Cleared List

Python Tuples

  • Python Tuple Element Types
  • Creating and Defining Tuples
  • Accessing Elements in a Tuple
  • Indexing and Slicing Tuples
  • I. Indexing Tuples
  • II. Slicing Tuples
  • Immutable Nature of Tuples
  • Python Tuple Packing and Unpacking
  • Tuple Comparison and Sorting: Finding Order in Tuples
  • I. Tuple Comparison: Who's Greater?

Python Dictionary Methods

  • How many methods are there in a dictionary in Python?
  • I. Dict clear()
  • II. Dict copy()
  • III. Dict fromkeys()
  • IV. Dict get()
  • V. Dict items()
  • VI. Dict keys()
  • VII. Dict pop()
  • VIII. Dict popitem()
  • IX. Dict setdefault()

Python bytes() Function

  • Python bytes() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Source
  • II. Encoding
  • III. Errors
  • Python bytes() return value
  • What does bytes() do in python?
  • I. Creating Object with bytes()
  • II. Python bytes() Indexing
  • III. Python bytes() Slicing
  • IV. Python bytes() Concatenation

Python reversed() Function

  • Python reversed() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python reversed() Return Value
  • I. Creation of reversed() Object
  • II. Reversing Element Order with reversed()
  • III. Python reversed() with Float
  • IV. Python reversed() with Range
  • V. Reversed() with Slicing and Indexing
  • Python reversed() Advanced Examples
  • I. Python reversed() with While Loop
  • II. Reversed() with Custom-Defined Classes

Python slice() Function

  • Python slice() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Start
  • II. Stop
  • III. Step
  • Python slice() Return Value
  • I. Python slice() with String
  • II. Python slice() with Negative Index
  • III. Python slice() with Bytes
  • IV. Handling Out-of-Range Indices with slice()
  • Python slice() Advanced Examples

Python Regex

  • Python Regex Syntax
  • I. Python RegEx Module
  • II. MetaCharacters in RegEx
  • Python RegEx Advanced Examples
  • I. Python RegEx Functions
  • II. Match Object in RegEx
  • III. Exception Handling with RegEx
  • Python RegEx Advantages
  • I. Flexibility
  • II. Efficiency

Python String Methods

  • List of Python String Methods
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