Delete Files in Python

  • Syntax For Deleting Files
  • I. Utilizing os Module for File Deletion
  • II. Deleting File from Current Directory
  • III. Delete Binary Files
  • Advanced Examples of File Deletion

Python OOP Concepts

  • I. Python Class
  • II. Python Objects
  • Python OOP Advanced Examples
  • I. Python Inheritance
  • II. Python Polymorphism

Python Classes and Objects

  • Syntax of Class Declaration
  • Syntax of Object Declaration
  • I. Create a simple class
  • II. Create a simple Object
  • III. Retrieving Attributes Using Class and Object

Python Polymorphism

  • Python Polymorphism Syntax
  • I. Python Inbuilt Polymorphic Function
  • II. Python Polymorphism in Class Methods
  • Python Polymorphism Advanced Examples
  • I. Polymorphism with Inheritance

Python Inheritance

  • Python Inheritance Syntax
  • I. Create a Parent Class
  • II. Create a Child Class
  • Python Inheritance Types
  • I. Single Inheritance In Python

Python Encapsulation

  • Python Encapsulation Syntax
  • I. Syntax of Public Members
  • II. Syntax of Protected Members
  • III. Syntax of Private Members
  • I. Python Encapsulation

Python Constructors

  • Syntax of Constructor
  • Python Constructors Types
  • I. Default Constructor
  • II. Parameterized Constructor
  • Python Constructors Advanced Examples

Python Destructors

  • Syntax of Destructors
  • I. Destructors with del Statement
  • II. Invoking Destructor at the End of Program
  • III. Using destructor in Circular Reference
  • Python Destructors Advanced Examples

Python Try Except

  • Python Try Except Syntax
  • Common Exception Errors in Python
  • I. IOError with Try Except
  • II. KeyboardInterrupt with Try Except
  • III. ValueError with Try Except

Python Regex

  • Python Regex Syntax
  • I. Python RegEx Module
  • II. MetaCharacters in RegEx
  • Python RegEx Advanced Examples
  • I. Python RegEx Functions

Python Scope

  • Python Scope Syntax
  • I. Local Scope
  • II. Global Scope
  • Python Variable Scope
  • I. Python Local Variables

Python String Methods

  • List of Python String Methods

Python capitalize() String Method

  • String capitalize() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python String capitalize() Return Value
  • I. Python capitalize() in a Sentence
  • II. Python capitalize() with User Input
  • III. String capitalize() with Conditional Statement

Python casefold() String Method

  • Python casefold() Syntax and Parameter
  • String casefold() Return Value
  • I. Python Casefold() as an Aggressive lower() Method
  • II. Python casefold() for Sorting Strings
  • III. String casefold() with Conditional Statement

Python center(String) Method

  • Python center() Syntax and Parameters
  • Python center() Return Value
  • I. Python Center() With Default fillchar
  • II. Python Center() With ‘#’ as fillchar
  • II. Python center() and IF-Else

Python count() Method

  • Python count() Syntax and Parameters
  • Python count() Return Value
  • I. Count() using Start and End Parameter
  • II. Counting Multiple Characters with count()
  • III. Python count() with Conditional Statement

Python endswith() Method

  • Python endswith() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Suffix
  • II. Start (optional)
  • III. End (optional)
  • Python endswith() Return Value

Python find() Method

  • Python find() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Sub
  • II. Start
  • III. End
  • Python find() Return Value

Python expandtabs() Method

  • Python expandtabs() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python expandtabs() Return Value
  • I. Python Expandtabs() With Different Argument
  • II. Python expandtabs() with User Input
  • III. Python expandtabs() And For Loop

Python encode() Method

  • Python encode() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Encoding
  • II. Errors
  • Python encode() Return Value
  • I. Using encode() to Default Utf-16 Encoding

Python index(string) Method

  • Python index() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Sub
  • II. Start
  • III. End
  • Python index() Return Value

Python isalnum(String) Method

  • Python isalnum() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isalnum() Return Value
  • I. Python isalnum() with Conditional Statements
  • II. Python isalnum() with For Loop
  • Python isalnum() Advanced Examples

Python isalpha() Method

  • Python isalpha() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isalpha() Return Value
  • I. Checking for Empty Strings with isalpha()
  • II. Checking for Letters with isalpha()
  • III. Removing non-alphabetic Characters with isalpha()

Python isdecimal() string Method

  • Python isdecimal() Syntax and Parameter
  • I. String_name
  • II. .isdecimal()
  • Python isdecimal() Return Value
  • I. Converting Numerical Strings to Integers

Python isdigit() String Method

  • Python isdigit() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isdigit() Return Value
  • I. Basic Example of Python isdigit()
  • II. Using isdigit() with User Input
  • III. Count Digits with Python isdigit()

Python isidentifier() String Method

  • Python isidentifier() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isidentifier() Return Value
  • I. Python isidentifier() with User Input
  • II. Python isidentifier() with Conditional Statement
  • Python isidentifier() Advanced Examples

Python islower() String Method

  • Python islower() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python islower() Return Value
  • I. Python islower() with User Input
  • II. Using islower() for Counting Strings
  • Python islower() Advanced Examples

Python isnumeric() String Method

  • Python isnumeric() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isnumeric() Return Value
  • I. Python isnumeric() for Removing Numeric Characters
  • II. Python isnumeric() with Other Numeric Types
  • III. Python isnumeric() - Counting Numeric Characters

Python isspace() String Method

  • Python isspace() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isspace() Return Value
  • I. Count Number of Whitespaces Using isspace()
  • II. Python isspace() with User Input
  • Python isspace() Advanced Examples

Python istitle() String Method

  • Python istitle() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python istitle() Return Value
  • I. Removing Non-Title-Case Words Using istitle()
  • II. Python istitle() with Conditional Statement
  • Python istitle() Advanced Examples

Python isupper() String Method

  • Python isupper() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python isupper() Return Value
  • I. Python isupper() with User Input
  • II. Python isupper() for Counting Strings
  • Python isupper() Advanced Examples

Python join() String Method

  • Python join() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python join() Return Value
  • I. Merging with an Empty String using join()
  • II. String join() with Conditional Statement
  • Python join() Advanced Examples

Python lower() String Method

  • Python lower() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python lower() Return Value
  • I. Python lower() with User Input
  • II. Using lower() with Conditional Statement
  • Python lower() Advanced Examples

Python lstrip() String Method

  • Python lstrip() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python lstrip() Return Value
  • I. Python lstrip() with Multiple Characters
  • II. Python lstrip() with Conditional Statement
  • Python lstrip() Advanced Examples

Python ljust() String Method

  • Python ljust() Syntax and Parameters
  • Python ljust() Return Value
  • I. Left-align String with Minimum Width Using ljust()
  • II. Python ljust() With Conditional Statements
  • III. Printing Formatted Table Using ljust()

Python partition() String Method

  • Python partition() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python partition() Return Value
  • I. Handling Missing Separators with partition()
  • II. Python partition() with Conditional Statement
  • Python partition() Advanced Examples

Python replace() String Method

  • Python replace() Syntax and Parameter
  • Python replace() Return Value
  • I. Replace() with all Instances of a Single Character
  • II. Replace() with only a Certain Number of Instances
  • Python replace() Advanced Examples

Python rfind() String Method

  • Python rfind() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Sub
  • II. Start
  • III. End
  • Python rfind() Return Value
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