Python Syntax

  • What is the Syntax for Python?
  • Is Python Syntax Easy?
  • Understanding Python Identifiers
  • Naming Rules
  • Best Practices for Choosing Identifiers
  • Reusing and Modifying Identifiers
  • Why Whitespace and Indentation Matter
  • Understanding String Literals
  • I. Greeting a Celebrity
  • II. Formatting a Location

Python Boolean

  • What is a Boolean in Python?
  • How do you create a Boolean in Python?
  • Performing Boolean Operations
  • Logical AND (and)
  • Logical OR (or)
  • Logical NOT (not)
  • Making Decisions with Conditional Statements
  • Comparing Values with Comparison Operators
  • Equal to ==

Python List Methods

  • I. List append() Method
  • II. List extend() Method
  • III. List insert() Method
  • IV. List remove() Method
  • V. List pop() Method
  • VI. List index() Method
  • VII. List count() Method
  • VIII. List sort() Method
  • IX. List reverse() Method
  • X. List copy() Method

Python Functions

  • Python Function Syntax and Structure
  • I. Defining a Function
  • II. Calling a Function
  • III. Function Arguments and Return Values
  • IV. Scope and Variable Visibility
  • Function Types In Python
  • I. Built-in Functions
  • II. User-defined Functions
  • III. Lambda Functions
  • IV. Recursive Functions

Python Built-in Functions

  • Does Python Built-in functions and methods are same?
  • I. Built-in Functions
  • II. Methods
  • List of Python built-in Functions

Python help() Function

  • Python help() Syntax and Parameters
  • I. Object
  • II. Globals
  • III. Locals
  • I. Creation of the help() Object
  • II. Python help() Function Docstring
  • Different Ways to Use help()
  • I. Getting Help for Built-in Functions
  • II. Discovering Module Functions
  • III. Understanding Class Methods

Read Files in Python

  • Syntax For Read Files In Python
  • I. File Reading with read() and readline()
  • II. Reading at Specific Positions
  • III. Reading Binary Files
  • File Handling Reading Mode Advanced Examples
  • I. Reading Files from a Directory
  • II. Reading CSV Files in File Handling
  • III. Reading and Parsing JSON Files
  • IV. Handling Exceptions with Read Mode
  • Advantages of Using Read Mode
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